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Voice Alarm Questionnaire 2019


It is the ambition of ISCVE to see the use of voice alarm standards written into building regulations, for building projects, where it makes sense to do so. It is also our ambition to see all stakeholders in future building projects, such as system designers, manufacturers, installers/integrators, system maintainers, to be qualified to agreed standards and ideally for all to become accredited members of ISCVE.

In order that we fully understand the voice alarm specification and installation processes better and how projects are undertaken, we are carrying out an international survey to understand the take-up and regulation of voice alarm systems in different markets around the world. We hope the valuable feedback and insights gained from the survey will help us understand where UK projects sit, compared to other countries in the world, which will help us understand where improvements, if any, can be made.

Please fill out this questionnaire, which we appreciate you completing. It will take approximately 10 minutes. All responses will be confidential in line with ISCVE’s privacy policy.