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Audio Visual Skills Training

The ISCVE Audio Visual Skills programme of courses is designed to cover a wide range of applications including Audio in AV, Audio for AV Engineers, AV over IP and more…

Further details for each course are listed on this page. To register your interest in any of these training courses please follow the link to ‘Register Your Interest’, supply a few basic details and one of our course administrators will get in touch with you directly.

Introduction to Audio in AV

Dive into the World of professional audio and develop a key understanding of fundamental theories that shape AV. Learn everything you need to know about:

The History of Audio; Acoustics 101: What is sound?; Microphones and transducers; Correct Gain Staging; Mixers and Digital Signal Processing, Amplification: Low-Z vs Constant Voltage; Loudspeakers: Point Source and Arrays; Audio Networking Overview; Assistive Listening

You will learn...

  • The History of Audio
  • Acoustics 101: What is sound?
  • Microphones and transducers
  • Correct Gain Staging
  • Mixers and Digital Signal Processing
  • Amplification: Low-Z vs Constant Voltage
  • Loudspeakers: Point Source and Arrays
  • Audio Networking Overview
  • Assistive Listening

You will leave with a full understanding of the audio signal flow – from waves to volts, 1s and 0s and back again.

Who Should Attend?

  • This is the perfect course for anyone who is new to the world of audio and wants to learn the basics, or a seasoned pro who wants to brush up on a concept or two.

Audio for AV Engineers

Can I have more A with my V, please? Come along and listen to an experienced practitioner in the AV industry who will take you through why sound is important and how to make it better: in short to match your A to your V. This course looks at the theory and practice of audio within the AV industry. We will discuss loudspeakers, microphones, amplifiers, analogue and digital signal transmission and think about optimising sound systems for classrooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms and other environments. This course is designed for System Architects, Installation Engineers and is intended to be a useful day with plenty of time for questions and discussion to suit your needs.

You will learn...

  • How our hearing works
  • How poor audio affects us as listeners
  • Basic acoustics and audio principles
  • How to assess loudspeaker performance
  • How to assess microphone performance
  • How best to position loudspeakers and microphones for optimum results
  • What is gain structure
  • How electronic signals pass through audio systems
  • Balanced and unbalanced lines
  • Digital transmission systems
  • Amplifiers, 100V line and low impedance systems
  • Commissioning audio systems

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone involved in the design, installation and operation of sound and video systems wanting to understand more about sound.

Introduction to Video in AV

This course offers an introduction to the concepts and technologies of video systems.

You will learn...

  • The physics of video – a brief overview of light and optics
  • Visual perception – how we see and interpret visual information
  • Image format
    • Resolutions: from SD to 16K
    • Frame Rate
    • Colour Depth
  • Signal Types
  • Display Technologies
  • Image processing

Who Should Attend?

Aimed at new engineers or those looking to expand their knowledge into video, this course will provide the foundation to our more advanced video courses.

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