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Core Skills Training

The ISCVE Core Skills programme of courses is designed to cover a wide range of applications including Live Sound, Voice Alarm, Acoustics, Electrical Safety and more…

Further details for each course are listed on this page. To register your interest in any of these training courses please follow the link to ‘Register Your Interest’, supply a few basic details and one of our course administrators will get in touch with you directly.

Introduction to Live Sound Engineering

A practical seminar covering the fundamentals of mixing and operating a sound system in live situations. Demonstrations of core skills,  utilising analogue and digital desks and an opportunity to see and hear multiple live mixes of music sources in real time.

You will learn...

  • Propagation of sound – as applied to live sound reproduction
  • Microphones – their use, misuse and correct placement
  • Common problems – and how to overcome them
  • Mixing skills – introductory orientation and advanced tips
  • Gain structure – equalisation, FX and processors
  • Loudspeakers – their attributes and how to array them
  • Balance engineer – how to advance to creative mixing
  • Acoustic considerations – significance and live implications
  • Real world mixing – multiple sources, musicians’ foldback
  • Digital desks – A to D and signal distribution

Who Should Attend?

  • Aspiring engineers who are budding FOH or Monitor Engineers and need to prepare for their career.
  • Experienced sound designers or consultants who need to better understand the demands of live sound operation.
  • Studio Engineers who may need to tour with their artists and want to understand differences between recording techniques and live sound requirements.
  • Musicians who have an interest in how their performance is reproduced and want to appreciate mixing skills.

ECS Electrical Safety Unit

To improve understanding of the legal requirements, principles and practicality of working safely with electricity and electrical equipment with a view to passing the ECS Electrical Safety Unit Test. 

You Will Learn...

  • Legal requirements
  • Circuit Theory – Voltage, Current and Power
  • Effects of electricity on the body
  • Principles of Electrical Safety
  • Electrical Systems and Distribution
  • Earthing and Bonding
  • Circuit Protection
  • Personnel Protection
  • Safe Systems of Work and Safe Isolation
  • Common Hazards and Mistakes
  • Equipment Safety
  • 13A Plug Wiring
  • Cable Types and Uses

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who needs to enhance their knowledge of working safely with electricity and electrical equipment in order to confidently take the ECS Electrical Safety Unit assessment prior to obtaining an ECS card.

Electrical Safety for Sound Engineers

Would you like to come and listen to an experienced practitioner in the AV industry who will take you through the principles of electrical safety and provide practical applications in our industry.  Are you fed up of being sent on generic health and safety courses where presenters knows little about what you do, but know how to write a risk assessment for an oil rig?  This course is designed for Sound Engineers as well as Video, Control and AV Engineers too.

You Will Learn...

  • Circuit theory, mains voltage electricity and DC systems
  • Power and current calculations
  • The effect of electricity on the human body
  • The base principles of electrical safety
  • Electrical distribution – single and three-phase supplies
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Circuit protection
  • Personnel protection
  • Isolation procedures
  • Equipment testing
  • Common hazards/mistakes
  • How to wire a 13A plug (properly)
  • Temporary Power Arrangements (BS7909)

Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in the design, installation and operation of sound and video systems wanting to understand more about electrical safety.

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