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Audio Design Services to show range of PA products at ISCVEx 2024!

Audio Design Services Ltd, a company specialising in the design, manufacturing, and supply of Public Address amplifiers, microphones, loudspeakers, and related equipment, will be displaying a range of products at ISCVEx 2024. Why not come along to find out more?

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Audio Design Services Ltd

Audio Design Services Limited is a renowned entity specialising in the design, manufacturing, and supply of Public Address amplifiers, microphones, loudspeakers, and related equipment. Beyond its product range, the company excels in providing project expertise and tailored solutions for systems configuration and commissioning.
The international recognition of Audio Design Services underscores the outstanding quality of its services, acknowledged by professional bodies across the industry. Operating in more than 40 countries, the company is committed to addressing customer needs and nurturing lasting relationships.

At the core of its philosophy is the customisation of solutions to individual customer requirements. The company takes pride in delivering high-quality equipment at affordable prices, supported by expert consultancy, advice, and technical support from a seasoned staff with over 50 years of collective industry experience.

In essence, Audio Design Services Limited is a globally respected industry player, distinguished not only by its product offerings but also by its dedication to tailored solutions, affordability, and leveraging extensive industry expertise for the benefit of its diverse clientele.

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The P82S serves as an 8-channel 2 Zone mixer/matrix, featuring 8 inputs and 2 outputs, offering adaptability for diverse audio sources and applications. Its stereo design and compatibility with microphones make it user-friendly, catering to installations managing multiple audio sources. Additionally, it supports connection with up to 4 RM2 microphone consoles, enhancing its versatility.
The RM2, designed as a 2 Zone Paging microphone console for the P82S mixer, can be powered via RJ-45, allowing daisy-chaining of up to 4 consoles within a 200-meter distance limit.
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Microlite 2

The Microlite 2, a compact and weather-resistant loudspeaker, proves versatile for commercial applications, equipped with a U bracket for easy wall mounting and compatibility with various audio systems.

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The WIFI-SUB480, a powerful subwoofer, offers versatile connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Notably, it features built-in stereo speaker outputs, simplifying the creation of a 2.1 audio system without requiring an additional amplifier. Crossover and phase adjustments, along with compatibility with online music services, enhance its appeal.

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Panther Active DSP170A

The Panther Active DSP170A, an active horn speaker, caters to diverse public spaces with security and protection linkage features. Its durable outdoor construction and adjustable bracket facilitate flexible installation.

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The CR-620LMT, a 2-way ceiling speaker, combines a 6-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter in a co-axial design, emphasizing “Natural Hi-Fi sound” and optimal performance.

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The DT4100 speaker system, designed for high-fidelity audio transmission via the Dante Network protocol, offers Bluetooth functionality, a built-in digital amplifier, low power consumption, and versatile playback capabilities. The DT4200E desktop microphone with Dante function boasts advanced electroacoustic design, Ethernet connectivity with POE, tactile controls, LED status indicators, and a shockproof design, aligning with formal occasions in professional audio applications.

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