The Institute

The Institute

The Institute of Sound, Communications & Visual Engineers is a professional body of members and supporting members working in sound, communications and visual industries worldwide. Founded in 1948, the Institute is entirely independent and operated by a board of Directors and Council, elected by its members.

Members of the Institute of Sound, Communications & Visual Engineers, commonly referred to as ISCVE members, are engaged in a multitude of disciplines within sound, communications  and visual industries, including public address, voice-alarm, audio-visual, acoustics, assistive listening systems in venues and buildings across diverse market sectors including Education, Houses of Worship, Places of Work, Leisure, Hospitality, Retail and Public Buildings.

ISCVE members pride themselves in staying up to date with industry, health and safety and training developments.

To unite those engaged and working within sound, communications and visual industries

To maintain and raise technical standards throughout the professions within sound, communications and visual industries.

To disseminate technical and professional information through the publication of papers and by means of conferences, seminars and training courses.

To promote educational and training programmes for those seeking advancement to assist career development and continuing professional development within sound, communications and visual industries.

To promote advancement and application of science and technology within sound, communications and visual industries, in the interests of society at large.

To present the Institute as an authoritative and influential professional body, representing trained, qualified and experienced practitioners within sound, communications and visual industries.

To establish and maintain a code of conduct in professional activities, embodying high ethical standards and concern for the environmental and sociological impacts of professional activities.

To protect and promote the interests of members, collectively and individually.

A modern institute for the sound, communications and visual industries

Management Teams


Largely managed by a team of Industry figures on a voluntary basis, find out more about our management teams here.

Our History


With a history dating back to 1948, our long history and collective experience is one of our greatest assets for the future.

Latest News


You can get up to date with the very latest news and information from the sound and communications industries on our news pages here.

Contact Information


If you need to get in contact with us, here’s a great place to start. Alternatively visit our Management Team pages.

Promoting technical excellence

Public Interest

Promote science and technology and its importance for the general improvement of society.

Knowledge Transfer

Offer excellent training through CDP trains courses, technical papers and online members forums

ECS Card Scheme

Offer ‘Sound Engineer’ and ‘AV Engineer’ ECS site access cards to members on successful completion of H&S and Electrical Safety Tests.


Provides forums for audio professionals to meet, both physically and virtually.


Represents audio and communications industries and our membership as a learned body to influence decision makers at local and UK government levels.


Create and uphold national and international standards relevant to our professions.


Upholds high professional and ethical standards by the sound, communications and visual industries and by each member.


Our membership consists of trained and qualified practitioners endorsing technical excellence.

Code of Conduct

Our Members abide by a professional code of conduct in there technical work and working relationships.

Doug Edworthy HonFInstSCVEEdworthy Audio Consultants

Dr Peter Mapp HonFInstSCVEPeter Mapp Associates