ECS Card Scheme

ISCVE AV Engineer ECS Card

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If you would like to apply for an ISCVE new, renewal or replacement ECS Card, or apply for an HS&E Assessment, please fill out the form below under the appropriate heading. Once you have filled in all of the fields, click submit.

Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment

The ISCVE AV Engineer ECS card scheme matches the requirements of the CSCS scheme, in that it is compulsory that all participants must hold an up-to-date health, safety & environmental qualification in order to be awarded with a card. This is designed to prevent accidents and to promote safety and quality of work.

Those who successfully pass the ECS HS&E assessment will be awarded with an ECS HS&E Certificate which can then be used to obtain an ISCVE AV Engineer ECS card within two years of passing the assessment.  There are no exemptions to this certificate.