ECS Card Scheme

ECS Card Scheme

Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) Assessment

The ISCVE Sound Engineer and ISCVE AV Engineer ECS card scheme matches the requirements of the CSCS scheme, in that it is compulsory that all participants must hold an up-to-date health, safety & environmental qualification and an electrical safety unit qualification in order to be awarded with a card. This is designed to prevent accidents and to promote safety and quality of work.

The ECS HS&E assessment is specifically designed to meet the basic health and safety requirements of electrotechnical personnel.

Those who successfully pass the ECS HS&E assessment will be awarded with an ECS HS&E Certificate which can then be used to obtain an ISCVE ECS card within two years of passing the assessment.  There are no exemptions to this certificate.

Once the ECS HS&E assessment has been taken, an instant result letter, informing the delegate if they have passed or failed, will be received via email to the address provided by the delegate.

A successful ECS HS&E Assessment is valid for 2 years. An ECS card must be applied for within that two year period or a new assessment will be required before the application can be processed.

If the delegate has failed the assessment they will have to re-take the assessment, after further learning, in order to meet the health and safety awareness requirement for a card application.

Electrical Safety Unit Assessment

From January 2021, all ECS card holders will be required to complete an Electrical Safety Unit assessment as well as the HS&E assessment and ISCVE provides approved training in preparation for the assessment.

The ECS Electrical Safety Unit assessment has been developed to provide a basic electrical industry safety qualification to support the application of an ECS Related Discipline or other defined ECS cards.

The criteria of the assessment is based around safe working of electrotechnical allied trades carrying out associated installation works with an emphasis on when to make sure electrical installation work is carried out by a suitably qualified ECS cardholder.

To apply for an ECS related discipline card the applicant must hold a valid ECS Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) assessment plus the ECS Electrical Safety Unit assessment.

The ECS HS&E assessment must be booked and taken separately from the ECS Electrical Safety Unit assessment (although the two separate assessment may be taken consecutively at the same venue).

The ECS Electrical Safety Unit assessment is not suitable, on its own, for people entering the Electrotechnical sector or who are looking to train as an electrician and is not recognised as an electrical theory qualification.

HS&E Assessment Costs

The cost of the HS&E Assessment is £46.50 + VAT for each assessment.

ECS Electrical Safety Unit Assessment Costs

The cost of the ECS Electrical Safety Unit Assessment is £46.50 + VAT for each assessment.

Book an Assessment

To enquire about or book an ISCVE ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment or Electrical Safety Unit Assessment, please contact ISCVE via email: or call 0118 954 2175. Advance booking is essential.

For large groups from the same company or organisation we are happy to discuss in-house assessments.

The ECS assessments are available directly from the JIB and several other organisations.

The JIB – To book an assessment through the JIB please call the bookings team on 01322 661 633.

The ECA – To book an assessment please call the ECA Administration team on 01582 531 047 or visit their website

Unite –  To book an assessment with Unite please visit their website

ISCVE also runs its own own public HS&E and Electrical Safety Unit Assessments from time to time and details are listed on the events portal.

Other Ways to Book an Assessment

Remote Assessments

The ISCVE also offers a Remote Invigilation Service to allow remote ECS Assessments to take place online. Further details and registration below.

ISCVE ECS Electrical Safety Assessment 600x300 Image 2021

ECS Assessments Remote Invigilation Service

We are pleased to announce the launch of our online invigilation service for the ECS Health, Safety & Environmental and Electrical Safety Unit Assessments.

Responding to the concerns of our customers regarding increased travel to centres, especially as some have been closed due to Covid, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to see how we can better support our members to ensure they can easily undertake their HS&E and Electrical Safety Unit Assessments, which is needed when renewing or applying for an ECS card.

The new online service is aimed at offering you the choice of undertaking the assessments without having to leave work or home.

World class technology for automated invigilation using AI-powered, behavioural monitoring and verification tools, provides a new facility  to avoid unnecessary delays. With no requirements for downloading programs or browser extensions, users have the freedom to securely and safely complete their HSE Assessment remotely.

The powerful AI technology solution monitors the assessment to enhance the already stringent measures to prevent fraudulent activity. This is a fully integrated solution which can be booked online and gives immediate results.

Our online ECS Assessments give you greater control of your time and safety:-

  • Safe and secure
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • ID verified
  • Validates knowledge
  • Instant results
  • Saves time and travel

To use the ISCVE ECS remote invigilation service, you will need;

  • Access to a PC/MAC with internet access and webcam
  • Suitable location, to ensure it is free from interruption

If you would like to register for an online assessment, please submit the form below. We will contact you directly to organise a suitably convenient time.


You will need to submit a passport style photo for your card – see photo guidelines

Photo ID

You will need to submit a copy of your photo ID (passport/driving licence) when you complete the application below. You will need also to show a copy of this ID when you take your HS&E assessment or your Electrical Safety assessment.

I commend this new facility for all ISCVE members.  It’s both greener by cutting out any journey to a test centre and it’s something that can easily be fitted into a normal working day.

I thank Colleen, Ros and the ISCVE for saving me time, effort (and expense) by making this happen. 

Dave Milligan MInstSCVENetwork CDI Ltd

ISCVE has made the application for my ECS card incredibly easy and straight forward. After my initial email to enquire, through to receiving the card, I have been helped and supported throughout.

Jon Davies SenTechInstSCVEJD Tech Systems