ISCVEx 2022 Ohm Waterproof Speaker 600x300 Image 2022

Ohm to show waterproof recycled speakers at ISCVEx 2022

Ohm will be showing its new waterproof speaker, manufactured using 100% recycled polymer at ISCVEx 2022 on 23rd March 2022, why not come and find out more?

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OHM is known worldwide as a high-quality manufacturer in both commercial audio installation and touring industries.
All Ohm loudspeakers, chassis and electronics are manufactured, tested and signed off at our headquarters in Manchester, England.
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BRT-WP Series Outdoor Loudspeakers

Each product in the BRT-WP range is manufactured from 100% waste plastic, which typically ends up being land-filled, floating in our oceans or incinerated.

Every design using this recycled polymer is engineered to perform as an alternative to polyurethane coated plywood or plastic rotational/injection moulded.

Fully recyclable at end-of-life.

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Find out more:

Find out more by visiting ISCVEx 2022 on 23rd March 2022.

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