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Reclaim Audio with Recycled Material Products at ISCVEx 2024!

For those aiming to be socially conscious in their audio system engineering, Reclaim Audio, a leading manufacturer of socially responsible speakers and solar-powered amplifiers, will be present at ISCVEx 2024. They will be available to address your system needs and showcase their latest products..

With ISCVEx 2024 in just a few weeks, make sure you register in advance to attend!

Reclaim Audio Ltd

Reclaim Audio is a pioneer in socially conscious speaker and solar-powered amplifier manufacturing. Our speakers are made from wood destined for landfill, and our amplifiers, designed for installation or for outside events, require no mains electricity. This combination reduces carbon emissions and saves money.

Reclaim Audio deploy the circular economy. Traditional methods of sound reinforcement manufacturing must be challenged. Every Reclaim Audio product is tracked with the Tazaar App from birth. It never goes to landfill because clients can return product to be restored, renovated, returned or donated to charities.

Reclaim Audio was founded with the belief that there is an unsustainable flaw in today’s loudspeaker market. Currently, components and cabinets are shipped in from all over the world, incurring huge costs and carbon emissions as otherwise ethical manufacturers are forced to do business in countries they would rather avoid.

Regardless of the venue we can make any size, shape or colour to meet the needs of the designer to meet the sustainability needs of the end user.

ISCVEx 2024 Exhibitor - Reclaim Audio

Socially Conscious Products

  • Installation speakers made from material destined for landfill.
  • Solar/Wind powered 4000w RMS – 2 channel ,2u, Power Amplifier that runs for 10 hours at full volume on a single charge.
  • Solar/Wind powered 100v Line – 2u, Power Amplifier that runs for >72 hours dependent on use and load on a single charge.
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