Biamp Crowd Mics for ISCVEx Members Day and Seminars

The Institute will be using the ‘BIAMP CROWD MICS’ system during the Members Day on 17 March and during the Seminars on March 18th.

CROWD MICS is an audience engagement system comprised of a mobile application and form factor computer called the ATOM. The application allows attendees of an event, such as a lecture or meeting to use their phones as a wireless microphone. It also allows text commenting viewable by a moderator as well as live vote polling. We will be utilising this system for questions and answers in the various meetings.  One of the main advantages is you can prepare a text message question literally any time during the meeting/seminar and send it to the moderator. The questions are then queued on the moderator screen. They then can be answered in turn at the appropriate time. If you wish you can ask the question live using your smartphone as a wireless mic at the appropriate time.

There will be a closed loop professional grade wireless network operational in the Cloisters Room. We will provide the username and password to access this network as you arrive for the events.

To save time we would like to ask attendees in advance, to download the CROWD MICS PARTICIPANT APPLICATION either from the IOS APP STORE  or GOOGLE PLAY application store. The application is free to download.

For further information on this system please go to the following link:-


App Store Links: