ISCVE Welcomes new Supporting Member ASL

Founded in 1989 as an electronic design consultancy, ASL began its legacy in the voice alarm market with the design of technology-leading systems for London Underground in 1999. Now established as a key supplier for the UK transport industry, ASL has evolved to design and supply products for customers worldwide and now caters for many industries including stadiums, airports, hospitality, retail, healthcare, commercial buildings, nuclear, oil and gas, roads and tunnels.

ASL is pleased to announce it’s supporting membership of ISCVE. Neil Voce, head of business development at ASL said “ASL has long been an informal supporter of the Institute with many personal members amongst our staff and also through the ISCVEx event.

Recognising the Institutes’ continuing development for the good of our industry and the challenges we need to meet maintaining professionalism and continuing education in the sound engineering world, we have taken the decision to add our name to the many other great companies supporting the ISCVE through a formal membership.

We look forward to contributing to the continued growth of the ISCVE in the future”.