ISCVE Welcomes new Supporting Member Infoil

Employees at INFOIL have been producing induction foil since 2000, but also have an extensive knowledge of sheering, rolling and copper alloys going back to 1978. As there is a large percentage of the population that suffer with partial or full hearing loss it’s important for us to be able to help make a difference to those people. We design and manufacture innovative products that we can bespoke to our customers needs (i.e.) Direct burial cable (DBC) which can be supplied in lengths from 100 meters up to 3000 meters, this enables the installers to lay the cable with no joins in it which enhances the quality and reliability of the hearing loop.

We’re proud to say that we can bespoke a variety
of copper foils to various designs, widths, lengths and thickness if required by the customer. Our products are presented on cardboard flanged reels which prevent damage to the copper foil and makes installation easier, these reels can be printed with your company logo if required.

As a company, we recognise the importance of being a member of the ISCVE and also as reassurance to our customers. The extensive range of training courses, seminars, exhibitions and technical advice offered

by the ISCVE have proved invaluable to our company. We are a family owned and run company that pride ourselves on old fashioned values and customer satisfaction.