ISCVE Ian Morrish Together for Cinema 600x300 Image 2022

ISCVE and Together for Cinema

ISCVE is proud to be an Operational Partner for Together For Cinema, and actively encourages members and supporting members to donate, sponsor and offer installation services for this very worthy cause, if they would like to.

Together For Cinema, founded by Ian Morrish, is an AV industry ‘good cause’ enterprise, bringing the joy of cinema to children’s hospices and other deserving locations.  These rooms not only benefit the children and young adults, but also their families, carers, staff and volunteers. Together For Cinema has comprehensive support and backing from our industry, hence all products and installation services are donated. 

As of 2020, the not-for-profit charitable enterprise, has installed 31 projects all over the UK with a normal installation value of over 1/2 million pounds. The new target for 2026 is to reach 50 rooms at a normal installation value of over 1 million pounds. This will give our industry something to shout about, and give the community something special to enjoy. 

Increasingly there are other opportunities presenting themselves that show there is much more than can be done, be it linking up international AV companies with good causes or recycling second hand AV equipment it is clear there is the need for an industry conduit to liaise with good causes in the UK.

How can you get involved?

To continue to bring the cinema experience into children’s hospices and other deserving facilities, Together For Cinema intends to create many more dedicated rooms and further assist good causes. To achieve this, TFC requests continued assistance from generous individuals in five key areas:

  1. Help promote Together For Cinema – Everything TFC does is a force for pure good with no hidden agenda. Please talk about Together For Cinema in social media and print platforms by sharing posts and articles, and encouraging others to get behind the cause.
  2. Help with donating products to the causeFor every installation, TFC needs products such as projectors, screens, AV Receivers, speakers, cables, Blu-Ray players, etc. For many projects, there is also a need for automated blinds, lighting, seating and other accessories. Please donate what you can. Maybe you can commit to two or three items a year?
  3. Help with an installationTFC currently operates solely in the UK so if you are able to help project manage an installation, please let us know. TFC will add you to the growing list of willing installers and, when we have something in your area, we will be in touch.
  4. Sponsorship Together For Cinema currently relies predominantly on sponsorship by individuals and companies within the AV industry. Manufacturers, distributors, installers and individuals have all stepped up and contributed to help secure the day-to-day operation of the organisation. Sponsorship schemes start at £500 per calendar year, but please be as generous as you can.
  5. Fundraising Any extra monies raised will always be put to excellent use. The budget is agreed, approved and transparent, so please fundraise with the confidence that every penny will be put to optimal and efficient use. Fundraisers and donors will be clearly informed of how their money is distributed and allocated.

For further information you can get in touch with Ian by emailing or calling on 07768 398007.