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ISCVE Strava Club Update

Following the launch last month of the ISCVE Wellbeing Club on Strava a number of new members signed up to join the club and the levels of activity were high, clocking up more than 1201 km of activities in 71 hours, heading uphill for more than 43,324ft and smashing the initial 500km challenge created for the month.

What a great start!

Strava is an app and website for tracking physical exercise. It also incorporates social network features and allows group/club members to chat, post activities and invite each other to fitness challenges, ranging from walking, running, cycling and more over distance or time.

Neil Voce, MInstSCVE, President of ISCVE, led the way with a number of gruelling bike rides and was closely followed by new members to the group Bernie ‘Bonkers’ Boardman, Phil Huffer, Miles Brooke, Ian Bridgewater, James Kennedy and Nigel Peacock.

A new challenge from 14th July to 13th August 2022 has been created, search for ISCVE Club Group Challenge 750km in Strava to join and get moving.

You can also keep up to date by joining the Club, it’s all very friendly and non-competitive, or by following the stats here;

Find out more here: