Launch of ECS Electrical Safety Unit Remote Assessment Service

ISCVE is pleased to announce the launch of its Remote Electrical Safety Unit Assessment and the launch of an Electrical Safety Unit training course.

All ECS card holders are now required to complete an Electrical Safety Unit assessment as well as the HS&E assessment and ISCVE can now provide ECS approved training in preparation for the assessment.

The ECS Electrical Safety Unit assessment has been developed to provide a basic electrical industry safety qualification to support the application of an ECS Related Discipline or other defined ECS cards.

The criteria of the assessment is based around safe working of electrotechnical allied trades carrying out associated installation works, with an emphasis on electrical installation work being carried out by a suitably qualified ECS cardholder.

The ECS HS&E assessment must be booked and taken separately from the ECS Electrical Safety Unit assessment (although the two separate assessments may be taken consecutively at the same venue).

The ECS Electrical Safety Unit assessment is not suitable, on its own, for people entering the Electrotechnical sector or who are looking to train as an electrician and is not recognised as an electrical theory qualification.

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