ISCVE Wharfedale Pro Premium Supporting Member 600x300 Image 2022

New Premium Supporting Member: Wharfedale Pro

We are delighted to welcome Wharfedale Pro as a new Premium Supporting member of ISCVE.

Wharfedale Pro is part of the IAG Group Ltd and has a heritage built on supreme quality audio spanning back to the 1930s. Founded by Gilbert Briggs in 1932, Wharfedale was initially a home hi-fi loudspeaker manufacturer, and still is today as a separate brand.

Wharfedale Pro produces high quality, affordable and durable sound reinforcement products for musicians (professional and amateur) and for corporate installations, from superclubs to shopping malls.

A combination of a passion for music and stringent quality control stemming from one of the world’s most famous loudspeaker companys means power, reliability and great value.

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