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New Resources published by IHLMA

The International Hearing Loop Manufacturers Association (IHLMA) is continuing to develop and share information services on hearing loops and assistive listening technology. Two recent updates include the transfer of the Let’s Hear Rate and Review website over from Hearing Link, and the release of a new guide on available assistive listening technology.

Let’s Hear Rate & Review has been around for a number of years helping people find facilities close to them with a loop system and allowing them to share their experiences of those facilities. With the transfer to IHLMA, the Let’s Hear site will now include reviews from all forms of assistive listening including loops, infrared, radio and WiFi.

Please help to share the location of all facilities with assistive listening technology by promoting to your customers and signing up and registering your projects.

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In addition to the review site location, IHLMA has summarised all of the available assistive listening technologies and provided easy to use comparison tables and links to further information. Each technology is listed, together with associated advantages, disadvantages, applications, user benefits and venue owner benefits.

The new guide is exceptionally helpful when deciding which technology to use in any given circumstance. With contributions from some of the world’s leading authorities, this guide looks to become the de facto source of information of assistive listening technology for policy makers, engineers, specifiers, end users and venue owners/managers.

Download a Copy of the Guide