RCF chosen for Moscow Cathedral

Moscow region, Russia – RCF provides perfect coverage of more than 10 thousand square meters with more than 500 speakers in the latest religious complex built in Russia.

The Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces (Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ) is a Patriarchal Cathedral in honor of the Resurrection of Christ, “dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, as well as the military feats of the Russian people in all wars”.

The impressive 100 metre tall building completed in May 2020 in Patriot Park in the Odintsovsky District, Moscow Oblast. The steps and other metal parts were cast from melted weapons from the German Reich.

The interior capacity of the temple holds up to 6 thousand people and the temple’s main complex covers approximately 11 thousand square metres.  The church is located a few hundreds metres from the nearby open-air museum, celebrating the historical times of the Great Patriotic War. 

“The task wasn’t easy.” Sergey Gurin, ARIS Head of Development and Corporate Clients told us. “We were asked to equip the area in front of the temple with a sound reinforcement system, and to equip the 1418 “Memory Road” multimedia museum complex with an additional  sound reinforcement system, with the best product quality in the shortest time.”

A wide variety of products are installed, ranging from 50 wide dispersion P 3115T weatherproof coaxial speakers to more than 250 MR 33T near-field two-way speakers. More than 80 CS 6940EN weatherproof column speakers and a large quantity (more than 100) of HD 3216T weatherproof horn loudspeakers are also installed.

The acoustic system is provided by RCF and operates on the street in front of the temple and in the Memory Road multimedia museum complex. “It’s a large scale project, but we know how to manage these challenges. We trust the system integrator, Avilex, they have good expertise and RCF supported us with all the material we planned with perfect timing, as usual”, concludes Gurin.