ISCVEx Gus Marcondes Audinate 600x300 Image 2022

The ISCVEx Lecture confirmed for ISCVEx 2022

We are delighted to announce the details of The ISCVEx Lecture for our forthcoming ISCVEx event on 23rd March 2022. Presented by Gus Marcondes, Technical Training Manager EMEA and Julian Carro, Solution Sales Manager for Audinate, the third seminar at ISCVEx 2022 is titled, ‘The consolidation of Audio, Video and Networking within commercial installations and live applications‘.

Gus and Julian’s presentation explores how traditionally each element of a system has been handled by different teams of professionals, whereas today, convergence of the AVoIP industry requires professionals to be multi-talented, well-versed and conscious of solutions that can streamline projects, as well as being able to facilitate troubleshooting.  

They will offer insights into how Networked solutions can accommodate current industry demands and explore where the future of AV lies.

Gus is a multi-instrumentalist musician with a Masters degree in Audio-Visual production and brings a wealth of experience in recording and broadcast studios in Brazil, Italy, Germany to his role in the UK working as a Product Specialist and Training Manager for AV manufacturers for Audinate.

They are both enthusiasts of networked solutions and how they are revolutionising the AV industry and in his role for Audinate Gus provides Dante Certification in multiple languages, looking after users and certified trainers in the EMEA regions.

You can register to attend this and the other seminars scheduled for ISCVEx 2022 here