What is the UKCA Mark?

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessment) mark is the new UK product marking that will be required for certain products being placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). It covers most products that previously required the CE mark.

It will not be recognised in the EU market. Products that require CE marking will still need a CE marking to be sold in the EU.

When does the UKCA mark come into force?

The UK Government has confirmed that the UKCA mark will come into force on 1 Jan 2021, although CE marking will continue to be recognised in the UK until the end of 2021, as long as the UK and EU regulations remain aligned. However, from the beginning of 2022 only products with UKCA marking will be accepted in Great Britain.

CE marking will continue to be recognised for products placed on the market in EU27 countries.

What products does the UKCA mark apply to?

Most products that are currently covered under regulations and directives for CE marking will fall under the scope of UKCA marking.

What about CE marking?

If your product requires the services of a notified body for third party assessment of conformity, and if this service has been carried out by a UK notified body, in the event of a “no deal” your CE marking will no longer be valid.

In order to maintain your CE marking you will need to work with a notified body registered in an EU27 member state. Your CE marking will be recognised in the EU and also in the UK until the end of 2021.

How does this affect ISCVE and its members?

Along with the FIA and BSIA, we believe that having to re-certificate all our products within 12 months is unnecessary, unless there is divergence of standards, or that at least we could join medial equipment approvals, who the government has given 36 months to re-test. As such we have written to the appropriate minister to push for this type of re-think and will keep you updated to progress.

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