Voice Alarm Standards Update

As you may remember, back in BC times (Before Covid), we began the process of canvassing our members’ view on the state of the UK VA industry and where we stood in comparison to our international neighbours.

It’s been a while but leading out of the survey, we came to the conclusion that we should create and promote a manifesto of where we believe VA should be installed and who should install it.

Our ambition is to promote this manifesto to and with the fire industry and regulators and licensing and authority bodies, stretching as far as government if we can. To that end, we have a lot of information now on the website covering the survey, a lovely video interview and the manifesto as an outcome. So the next time someone asks you ‘where should voice alarm be installed?’ you will have a suitable well-documented response to offer, which we do hope you and the enquirer will find invaluable.


Visit our Voice Alarm Standards page for further information.