ISCVE Microphone Training Guide 600x300 Image 2021

A Guide for Training Microphone Users Launched

ISCVE is delighted to announce the launch of its ‘Guide for Training Microphone Users of Sound Systems and Other Communication Systems’.

Public address (PA) systems, sound systems for emergency purposes (SSEP) and voice alarm (VA) systems are commonly employed to transmit messages to the general public at a wide range of venues and public spaces, such as underground stations, airports, rail stations, shopping malls, sport venues and others.

Providing intelligible messages is fundamental when addressing the general public through a PA system and of paramount importance when emergency sound systems broadcast safety messages.

Optimising the quality of the speech produced by a talker speaking into the announcement microphone is as important as good acoustics and good sound system design.

This guide provides valuable training and information for users of said systems and can be downloaded here;

A Guide for Training Microphone Users Of Sound Systems and Other Communication Systems