CIE Group Marks 60 Year Anniversary

ISCVE supporting Member, CIE Group, a leading Security and Audio-Visual company, is celebrating their 60th year Anniversary. This significant milestone is a testament to the dedication of their staff, the support of brand partners, and the trust of their loyal customers.

From early beginnings as Canadian Instruments & Electronics, a UK subsidiary of Toronto-based Radio Components, to becoming a UK independently owned industry leader, the journey has been defined by innovation, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to customer service and partnership.

Over the years, CIE Group has overcome challenges and navigated through evolving landscapes with resilience and determination, embracing digital transformation, and developing cutting-edge technology solutions, to meet the ever changing needs of its customers.

“Our 60th anniversary is a celebration of not only our business milestones but also the personal milestones of each member of our dedicated team,” comments Chris Edwards, Marketing Director at CIE Group. “As we look to the future, we remain committed to driving innovation, fostering community, and delivering exceptional value to our customers.”

“We extend our gratitude to our staff, customers, and partners for their invaluable support throughout this incredible journey,” adds Chris Edwards. 

As CIE Group celebrates its 60th anniversary, they are committed pushing the boundaries of possibility and making a positive impact in the industry.  

Here’s looking ahead to the next 60 years of excellence, innovation, and success!

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