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Gordon Morris Ltd to show Phonak Roger products at ISCVEx 2024!

The team from Gordon Morris Ltd will be showing products from Phonak Roger at ISCVEx 2024, including the Roger On, Roger Table Mic II and Phonak Digimaster V2. These innovative devices are designed to provide enhanced sound quality and communication for individuals with hearing impairments.

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Gordon Morris Ltd

Gordon Morris was built upon the founder’s under position as a qualified sound engineer and hearing aid user, couple with enthusiasm and passion to help the hearing impaired. The company’s 35 years experience in the field of hearing equipment ensures that we supply, install, maintain and service to he highest standards.

We are committed to finding the right solution for each individual, realising that no two hearing losses, nor listening environment are exactly the same.

Typically, we provide hearing equipment to use alongside hearing aids, supporting better speech understanding in challenging listening environments such as restaurants, theatres, lecture halls & listening to multimedia devices.

ISCVEx 2024 Exhibitor - Phonak Roger

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