ISCVE John Adeleke Ampman Audio Services 600x300 Image 2022

Hopkins-Baldwin Seminar announced for ISCVEx 2022

ISCVE is very pleased to announce details of the Hopkins-Baldwin Lecture at ISCVEx 2022 on Wednesday 23rd March 2022.

The opening lecture of three programmed for ISCVEx 2022 is scheduled for 10:00 am and will be presented by John Adeleke, Managing Director for Ampman Audio Services.

Ampman Audio Services is an external service department for manufacturers and their customers, set up over 15 years ago.

With a background primarily in audio maintenance, John’s electronics training was based in the TV industry.  His past work includes R&D for a professional mixer company, work in the hi-fi sector and also manufacturing of pro-audio products.  This experience has all contributed to the knowledge and skills he applies to his work.

The seminar is titled;

Can our industry profit from a sustainable circular economy?

John will be offering perspectives on the future of Pro Audio hardware servicing with reference to the current commercial challenges. 

These include the on-going effects of the recent pandemic, supply chain issues and technical “brain drain”. 

Presented from a service centre perspective and aiming to serve as a reality check for what is sustainable and potentially profitable moving forward, this seminar promises to be thought provoking and engaging.

You can register to attend this and the other seminars scheduled for ISCVEx 2022 here