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Last Call: Secure Your Seat for the Speech Intelligibility Course!

There’s still time to reserve you’re a place for our highly anticipated Speech Intelligibility Course, featuring presenter Tony Stacey BSc MIOA(E) FInstSCVE. This event promises to be an invaluable opportunity to delve into critical aspects of creating spaces with optimal speech intelligibility.

Date: 27th February

Time: 9:30 AM

Location: FIA’s New Office, Northwich, Cheshire

Key Learning Points:

  • Uncover relevant British and European intelligibility standards.
  • Master intelligibility metrics for effective space design.
  • Understand the factors influencing the Speech Transmission Index.
  • Gain insights into loudspeaker selection and placement strategies.
  • Explore considerations for reverberation times and direct-to-reverberant ratios.
  • Learn about signal-to-noise ratios, both static and time-variant.
  • Grasp intelligibility limits in various acoustic settings.
  • Acquire practical knowledge of measuring the Speech Transmission Index (STI-PA and indirect methods).

Whether you’re involved in acoustics, audio engineering, or design, this training session promises valuable insights that can elevate your expertise.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and stay at the forefront of speech intelligibility. Join us for a learning experience that will enable you to create spaces where communication thrives.

To reserve your place and find out more:

Training Event: Designing for Speech Intelligibility