Members - Ros Wigmore

Ros Wigmore

Secretariat Manager

Ros Wigmore joined ISCVE in 2004, having worked for Ampex and Norbain, two large corporations in associated industries, as an Executive PA and Human Resources Manager.

Ros has seen much growth and development since 2004 and has been instrumental in getting the ISCVE to where it is today.

As the key contact and public face of ISCVE, Ros is an integral communication link with our members, Directors, Council and each committee and her role is essential to “making things happen”.

Ros says:- ‘’Not many people can say how much they love their job, but that really is true for me. I always enjoy getting to know more about our members and how the ISCVE can help them.”

In her role as Manager, Ros is responsible for all aspects of the ISCVE such as membership, events, ECS card scheme, magazine editor, training, accounts and administration and her commitment to ISCVE is above and beyond.