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If you would like to apply for an ISCVE ECS Health & Safety Assessment or apply for or renew an ECS Card, please fill out the form below. Once you have filled in all of the fields, click submit.

Health & Safety Assessment

The ISCVE Sound Engineer ECS card scheme matches the requirements of the CSCS scheme, in that it is compulsory that all participants must hold an up-to-date health & safety qualification in order to be awarded with a card. This is designed to prevent accidents and to promote safety and quality of work.

However, to hold an ISCVE Sound Engineer ECS card you must pass the ECS H&S assessment. Unfortunately, the ECS scheme does not allow the ISCVE to accept a CSCS H&S assessment. The ECS H&S test is specifically designed to meet the basic H&S requirements of electrotechnical personnel.

Those who successfully pass the ECS H&S assessment will be awarded with an ECS H&S Certificate which can then be used to obtain an ISCVE Sound Engineer ECS card within two years of passing the assessment.

Applicants who already meet or exceed the required level of H&S knowledge due to any ECS approved existing qualifications held, will be exempt from taking the ECS H&S assessment. Such applicants will need to provide a copy of a current qualification certificate showing that they hold one of the approved exemptions.

Book an Assessment

To enquire about or book an ISCVE ECS Health & Assessment, please contact ISCVE via email: or call 0118 954 2175. Advance booking is essential.

For large groups from the same company or organisation we are happy to discuss in-house assessments.

Health & Safety Assessment Costs

The cost of the ISCVE Sound Engineer ECS Health and Safety Assessment is £40 + VAT for each assessment.

Health & Safety Assessment Expiry

Once the ECS health and safety assessment has been taken, an instant result letter will be received via email to the address provided by the delegate. This result letter will inform the delegate if they have passed or failed the assessment.

A successful ECS Health & Safety Assessment is valid for 2 years. An ECS card must be applied for within that two year period or a new assessment will be required before the application can be processed.

If the delegate has failed the assessment they will have to re-take the assessment, after further learning, in order to meet the health and safety awareness requirement for a card application.