Wharfedale Pro team will be at ISCVEx 2023

At ISCVEx 2023, the Wharfedale Pro team will be introducing several new loudspeaker series along with the DP Series of power amplifiers. Of special interest is the latest DP-4035i amplifier with GPIO interface and 4-channels of power. Why not come and find out more by visiting ISCVEx 2023 on 22 March?

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Wharfedale Pro

Born from one of Britain’s most prestigious and sought after audio brands, Wharfedale Pro is a leading developer and manufacturer of loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers, microphones and signal processors.

With advanced solutions for live performance and for audio installation, the brand and product portfolio continues to expand. Since the early 1980’s when Wharfedale PA systems were first created they have evolved using world class expertise and technology.


GPL Series / Sigma / DP-F Series

The Wharfedale Pro team will have a selection of their latest GPL series of coaxial installation loudspeakers on display PLUS a significant update to their well established SIGMA series – the all new SIGMA-X.

Supported with new DP-F series amplifiers with internal FIR filters and the new DP-4035i installation amp with GPIO interfacing…. the Wharfedale Pro table top at ISCVEx will be full of new things!


Find out more:

Find out more by visiting ISCVEx 2023 on 22 March 2023.

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